Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UITMT Student for One Semester

At first when I was being accepted to study in university I was so thankfully to God. My family especially my parents was so proud. A week before I registered to University Technology Mara,Terengganu, I could barely sleep at night because I really excited. The moment I have to say goodbye to my parents the feeling at that time are so sad because I have never been far from home.
When the first class was started, I am still trying to get used in university life but it's still hard. At here we must life in our own feet and do it everything by yourself not like in school, everything was already provided. In here, everything are so fast. We just learn only in six months,in that time we must face many of quizzes,exams, and assignment that need to hand on to lecturer before the date line.We must to do all that before we face the final exam.
The most exhausted day was in kitchen. At first, I went to kitchen, I got a fever because I still not get used to it. Today, alhamdulillah I can arrange my time with my friend help.In here my family is my friend. Hopefully for this semester,everything can run smoothly and achieve a good result in this second semester.