Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Would I Do In Five Years Time.

Actually that is difficult question because it is about my future. At that time my age is gonna turn to 24. For me I hope at that time I already enroll my Diploma in Culinary Art and also insyallah I want to enroll Degree, maybe not in culinary art course because I have interest in another field. I really want to have a degree because my sister and my brother already have it and I want to prove to my parents that I also can achieve it to.
After that, I want to work and I want to have my own car and at least I have a saving for my planning to get married. I do not want to get married late because I do not want to be call 'andartu', but before that I must have my own candidate to be my partner in life.
Without effort we can not achieved it and also we just planning our own future but we must back to our The only One, it is our Creater and let it He do His work.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Dream Man.

What an interesting topic to be post in this blog. Every girl must have their own dream man. For me the priority to be my dream man he must accept for who I really am in worst and better. Iwould like my dream man have a calm personality and make me feel save when he besides me.
Also, he must be my side when I need him the most and when I have problem eventhough if he can not solve the problem, at least he is willing to listen to me.
Besides that, he must respect my parents because without them I will not be here. He must honest with me in our relationship and can be a good leader in our marriage. I really want a man that can make me feel I am the only one for him and understand me. Another thing, eventhough I make not funny joke, he would still laugh with me. I want him to take me to the winter country a at propose me at there. Other that, it will be a bonus if my dream man can cook because he can help in the kitchen while I am busy with our kids.hehe

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life..

To me, so far the best thing that has ever happened in my life was the moment when a letter from the UiTM informed me that I was being accepted to get into that university. Since I was in primary school I already have dream to be a university student it is because I want to follow my sister and my brother success way of life.
When I read it, I run to my mother to tell about that good news because I know that is the only way I can make my parents especially my lovely mother to be proud at me. My mom has been told me that she has her own dream that she really wants three out of her six childrens would be successful in getting to the university. I guess now she can be really thankfull because her dream has been granted by Allah. Insyallah I will make my family be more proud of me in the future.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

Ehmm.. in my age,it is the time that I really unconcious about myself. I think that is what really happen to me now because I want to be more taller,fairer and I would really like loss some of my weight. I think every teenager girl would think the same like me.

I would like to change my mentally and how the way I think. I want to be more positive about myself. It is because I really afraid to talk in front of the people especially in English. I really want to be more brave in doing something because I am the type of person that always afraid to do something that not usual in me for example try to follow the lattest fashion.

Last but not least is that I want to change my habit that I really like to wake up late in the morning. My mom always mumbling to me but actually it's really hard to change.All of this need a lot of effort

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Holiday

Its only for one week so I must spend it wisely. After a 7 hours in the bus in a trip to Selangor I arrived in Hentian Putra but my journey is not stop at there. I took a KTM to Klang and a bus to Kuala Selangor. Finally I arrived at my lovely home. I thought I can enjoy my holiday by only sleep and eat but the day after tomorrow me n my family must going back to 'kampung' because my grandmother make a 'kenduri arwah'. I spent about 3 day at there. It felts really nice to see that all my family and my relatif was gather. I think the last time we go back to 'kampung' is last Aiduladha. After that,I just seat at home watching television,eat,sleep and cooking. But sometimes me and my friend go out and hang out at town. I guess maybe you read my story and think that my holiday sound so boring,but to me it is alright and quite fun because I preffer to spend my time at home with my mom,dad,along,angah,abang,mimi,manje and not to forget with my motorcycle.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UITMT Student for One Semester

At first when I was being accepted to study in university I was so thankfully to God. My family especially my parents was so proud. A week before I registered to University Technology Mara,Terengganu, I could barely sleep at night because I really excited. The moment I have to say goodbye to my parents the feeling at that time are so sad because I have never been far from home.
When the first class was started, I am still trying to get used in university life but it's still hard. At here we must life in our own feet and do it everything by yourself not like in school, everything was already provided. In here, everything are so fast. We just learn only in six months,in that time we must face many of quizzes,exams, and assignment that need to hand on to lecturer before the date line.We must to do all that before we face the final exam.
The most exhausted day was in kitchen. At first, I went to kitchen, I got a fever because I still not get used to it. Today, alhamdulillah I can arrange my time with my friend help.In here my family is my friend. Hopefully for this semester,everything can run smoothly and achieve a good result in this second semester.