Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Would I Do In Five Years Time.

Actually that is difficult question because it is about my future. At that time my age is gonna turn to 24. For me I hope at that time I already enroll my Diploma in Culinary Art and also insyallah I want to enroll Degree, maybe not in culinary art course because I have interest in another field. I really want to have a degree because my sister and my brother already have it and I want to prove to my parents that I also can achieve it to.
After that, I want to work and I want to have my own car and at least I have a saving for my planning to get married. I do not want to get married late because I do not want to be call 'andartu', but before that I must have my own candidate to be my partner in life.
Without effort we can not achieved it and also we just planning our own future but we must back to our The only One, it is our Creater and let it He do His work.