Monday, March 2, 2009

My Dream Man.

What an interesting topic to be post in this blog. Every girl must have their own dream man. For me the priority to be my dream man he must accept for who I really am in worst and better. Iwould like my dream man have a calm personality and make me feel save when he besides me.
Also, he must be my side when I need him the most and when I have problem eventhough if he can not solve the problem, at least he is willing to listen to me.
Besides that, he must respect my parents because without them I will not be here. He must honest with me in our relationship and can be a good leader in our marriage. I really want a man that can make me feel I am the only one for him and understand me. Another thing, eventhough I make not funny joke, he would still laugh with me. I want him to take me to the winter country a at propose me at there. Other that, it will be a bonus if my dream man can cook because he can help in the kitchen while I am busy with our kids.hehe