Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Holiday

Its only for one week so I must spend it wisely. After a 7 hours in the bus in a trip to Selangor I arrived in Hentian Putra but my journey is not stop at there. I took a KTM to Klang and a bus to Kuala Selangor. Finally I arrived at my lovely home. I thought I can enjoy my holiday by only sleep and eat but the day after tomorrow me n my family must going back to 'kampung' because my grandmother make a 'kenduri arwah'. I spent about 3 day at there. It felts really nice to see that all my family and my relatif was gather. I think the last time we go back to 'kampung' is last Aiduladha. After that,I just seat at home watching television,eat,sleep and cooking. But sometimes me and my friend go out and hang out at town. I guess maybe you read my story and think that my holiday sound so boring,but to me it is alright and quite fun because I preffer to spend my time at home with my mom,dad,along,angah,abang,mimi,manje and not to forget with my motorcycle.